Hi, my name is Mat Paget and I’m a journalist, writer, producer, and host. As a child, I dreamed of colour commentary and sportscasting, but as I grew older and became more enamoured with the world of video games and the video game industry, I started my own publication that I decided to name GameSparked. Almost four years (and a name change) later, Nuclear Fridge is doing very well for an operation run by one person. I oversee every piece of content that goes on the site and YouTube channel, whether it was written by me or any of the other contributors I have been lucky enough to work with.

The work I’ve done for Nuclear Fridge led me to want to continue pursuing journalism; I applied to the Broadcast and Online Journalism program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the winter of 2013 and was accepted to attend in 2014. I also won the Bell Media Aboriginal Broadcast and Media Communications Award. The program has not only given me opportunities to improve my writing and research, but also my production, announcing, and hosting. It's a program that I will be forever grateful to for helping me hone the skills that help me do the things I love.

Still, my passion lies with video games and the video game industry. At Nuclear Fridge, I operate as the writer, camera operator, editor, and host on most of our productions; I love video-journalism and I work on improving myself as a video-journalist whenever I have time. Video is something I absolutely love working with and hope I get the opportunity to do a lot of in my future career. I am also very comfortable writing and talking on the radio and podcasts.

My Goal

A friend once told me that if what I do isn't the only thing that can make me happy, then someone else will work harder to beat me to it. From that point, I have strived toward and pushed forward to get me closer to the only career that will make me happy. That career is working in the video game journalism industry as a writer, journalist, producer, and/or host.

Every day I push myself to do better. I work on areas that I could be stronger in and learn new skills as well. If I'm not constantly improving, then I'm stagnant -- and stagnating is just as bad as getting worse.

I want to be the best I can be. I want people to look at me and my work and say, "He deserves everything he has."

I want a job in the video game journalism industry.